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Career Pathways


Career Exploration & Planning

Thinking about changing careers or advancing in your current career, but not sure which steps to take?

Our Career Pathways Advisor is available to assist students with identifying and achieving career goals, and can offer guidance with career exploration and career readiness. 

Create your personal career plan through self-exploration, occupational exploration and career and educational planning. We tailor career advising to your needs and can meet with you in Bridgton, Casco, Fryeburg, or Lovell. 

What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways are linked education and training services that enable students to advance over time to successively higher levels of education and employment in a given industry or occupational sector. Each step on a Career Pathway is designed to prepare students to progress to the next level of employment and education. The Career Pathways approach is a framework for weaving together adult education, training and post-secondary programs, and connecting those services to the workforce needs of employers.

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

This workshop will help you develop and tailor your resume and cover letter to fit the career that you have chosen to pursue. Self-assessments will be used to help you understand your strengths and help you to successfully market yourself. Learn about different resume formats and the best use for each. Pre-registration is required.

Call us to talk with a career advisor about resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and other ways to improve your success in the job search process.  Our services are available at all of our locations. For more information and to register, call 207-627-4291 Ext. 27. 

Our Partners in Workforce Education

Lake Region & Fryeburg Area Adult Education regularly partners with Vocational Rehabilitation, Maine Career Centers, and Workforce Solutions. If your career pathway requires training and/or certification to get a job or advance in your current position, call us. Working together, we’ll help you locate training programs, determine if you’re eligible for financial assistance, and work with you to prepare academically if it’s a requirement of training. For more information and to register, call 207-627-4291.

Effective Communication on the Job

Have you ever thought about how you handled something and wished you’d done it differently? Ever “opened mouth and inserted foot?” Good communication skills not only improve your ability to clearly communicate what you need or want, but on the job this important skill often helps you and your work team accomplish more because the objectives and steps you’ll take to achieve your goals are clear. 

People Power

We all know that effective teamwork in any job, whether personal or at work, means better and usually quicker results. Many hands do indeed make light work, but making sure all the hands are reaching for the same goal is important to efficiency and productivity – regardless of where the teamwork is happening! Sometimes understanding how your employer evaluates your effectiveness is the key to making sure your performance matches your employer’s expectations. This workshop will walk you through the steps that will help you meet and hopefully exceed employer expectations.

For more information about career exploration, planning, and advising, please call 207-627-4291.





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