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The class of 2020!

Covid-19 Adult Education Program Update:

Lake Region & Fryeburg Adult Ed staff have been working hard  providing programming for our students to reach their goals in both live and remote formats. Programs  include high school completion, College Transitions, career advising, and a variety of workplace and enrichment opportunities.

If you are interested in pursuing your secondary diploma, or if you want to enter post-secondary education or training, we are your resource for help and support. Please take advantage of our services, as our academic programming is free to enrolled students.

 The MSAD 61 school district is assuring our students that we are following the CDC and DOE guidelines to maintain a safe learning environment for our students and staff. Take a look at our online catalog, browse our website, and give us a call if we can answer any questions.  

Director:  Madelyn Litz  647-5135

High School Completion or College Transition: Rhonda Jacobson 647-3015   

Enrichment and Workplace Training:  Tricia Lafontaine  647-5138



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  • Oct
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    Write Your Autobiography

    You do not have to be a great writer to write about your life; all you need is the desire to do so.  Writing allows you to make peace with decisions and choices made throughout your life, and by documenting your life’s story; you leave behind your legacy that can be read by future generations, […]

  • Oct
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    How To Plan a Disney World Vacation

    Are you planning a Walt Disney World vacation? Looking for someone to break down your options, guide you through this daunting process, and help you get the most out of your vacation and budget? If so, join us and get personal insight on all things Disney World!! We’ll also discuss how to think through your […]

  • Oct
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    Reupholster a Chair

      Haven’t you always wondered how this was done?? In this class you will learn to properly tear down a chair, align fabric, cut out patterns to match, stitch on a commercial machine, make repairs to the frame, tie springs, add padding and apply the new material in the proper sequence. Students will need to […]

  • Oct
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    Beginner Guitar

    Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar? Our instructor can teach you the basics as well as about music. He will instruct you on chords and songs including light improvs and melodies. Students will need to bring their acoustic guitar and a notebook to class.

  • Oct
    Original source: https://storage.needpix.com/rsynced_images/guitar-1354022_1280.jpg

    Beginner Plus(+) Guitar

    Have you started to learn chords and are looking for the next step in your guitar playing? Our instructor can take you beyond the basics as well as teach you about music. He will guide your playing and help you to master the guitar! Students will need to bring their acoustic guitar and a notebook […]

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    email adulted@lakeregionschools.org or call 207-627-4291.

    We have moved!

    Our new offices are at The “White House” behind the Vocational Center on the Lake Region High School campus in Naples.

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