Lake Region and Fryeburg Area Adult Education wants to extend our best wishes to the graduates of both

Lake Region High School and Fryeburg Academy!


We are here to support you after graduation. We are your one-stop resource to get the guidance you need to help you achieve your goal of entering college or post-secondary training.

We are here all summer and can help you prepare for a successful transition from high school. Let us help you…


  • Review your financial readiness for college

  • Assess your academic readiness to enter college-level courses

  • Support you with online and administrative tasks

  • Academic support and college readiness courses

  • Enroll in our College Success class and earn required SMCC and CMCC credit for free


Let us help you reach your college or post-secondary training goals!

Call our College and Career advisor at 647-3015, or email

An exciting job opportunity! 


Go to for more information on this exciting job working with Cumberland County Adult Ed and SMCC. 

Adult Education Update: 

A busy summer is ahead!

During this difficult time of transition, we want to assure and remind folks that Lake Region & Fryeburg Area Adult Ed is up and running remotely. We anticipate a busy summer helping all students who are graduates of our HiSET and Adult Diploma programs, as well as the senior high school students LRHS and Fryeburg Academy prepare for their future. Let us help you:

Complete your financial aid forms

Get the remedial help you need to enter directly into college level classes

Get the support you need to prepare for a successful entry into college in the fall

Know that you have a place to turn after graduation for the assistance, guidance, and preparation you need for those next big steps in your future. Contact us for help. We’ll set up a remote appointment with you to get you started.

Don’t wait!

Give our college and career advisor a call at 647-3015 and leave a message, or email She’ll get back to you to start the ball rolling!


Welcome to Lake Region & Fryeburg Area Adult Education

Our mission is to provide our communities with relevant and accessible education and training opportunities.


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The date for Lake Region & Fryeburg  Area Adult Education’s graduation has been changed! 

Our new graduation ceremony will be held 

Thursday, August 13,  2020

 6:00 PM

Lake Region High School Auditorium 

Join us in this celebration for our hard working, graduating class of 2020!

We have moved!

Our new offices are at The “White House” behind the Vocational Center on the Lake Region High School campus in Naples. Come and visit us at our new space!

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                           We hope that all our instructors and students will want to join us in the fall!  

We are gearing up for fall with our line up of community enrichment classes! Our catalog of classes will be out in mid August. Stay tuned!                   


Stay safe and well!

Find a class

For more information about any of our programs, email or call 207-627-4291.

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