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Thinking about going to college and not sure how to pay for it? Learn about the financial aid process, and what aid might be available to you. For more information about applying for Financial Aid please call our Career and College Academic Coordinator at 207-647-3015 or email rhonda.jacobson@lakeregionschools.org for more information

Putting the Literacy in Financial Literacy: Book Club with FAME 

2/6/2024, 2/20/2024, 3/5/2024, 3/19/2024, 6:00pm 


Join FAME’s College Savings Counselor, Maire Pelletier, in dissecting Erin Lowery’s Broke Millennial Takes on Investing. This book club is great for someone looking for an introduction to different investment-related topics. In Lowery’s second edition of the Broke Millennial financial book series, she addresses some of the biggest questions early investors have, such as: 

  *  Should I invest while paying down student loans? 
  *  How do I invest in a socially responsible way? 
  *  What about robo-advisors and apps–are any of them any good? 
  *  Where can I look online for investment advice? 


Students will need to purchase their own copy of the book to participate.


Successful Scholarship Searches and Applications   

February 12, 2023 7:00pm 

Scholarships can go a long way in helping students cover college costs, but being successful in the scholarship application process can take some work. In this session you’ll learn to build and work your own scholarship application plan. You’ll also learn about and try out different scholarship websites, learn how to best use a scholarship information tracker, and learn to avoid some of the challenges of the scholarship process.  Students and parents interested in learning about the scholarship process can join Jessica Whittier, College Access Counselor with the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1 hour workshop as we talk scholarships.   


Student Loan Repayment – Know Your Options!  

February 21, 6:00pm 

Federal Student Loans have gone back into repayment. How’s it going? If you are struggling with your payments, did you know there are several income-based repayment plans as well as deferment or forbearance? Did you know you could get .25% off your interest rate if you sign up for auto-debit on your federal loans? Do you know you can work towards loan forgiveness now if you work for a non-profit, government or tribal agency? Whether you have recently graduated from college or have been repaying your students loans for a long time, join us to learn how to best manage your student loan repayment. Join Nikki Vachon, College Access Counselor from the Finance Authority of Maine as she shares pro-tips and answers questions. 


Adulting 101: Money Starts 

April 3, 6:30pm 

Adulting is tough. Finances can be one of the trickiest parts of adulthood. Whether you’ve been Adulting for decades or are just getting started, banking basics, spending plans, credit scores and useful tools and apps are available to make the whole Adulting thing a little bit easier. Join Steve Kautz, Financial Education Programs Specialist from the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1-hour virtual workshop as we dive into some adulting money basics together. 


Adulting 102: Money Grows 

April 10, 6:30pm 

So, you’re on a budget, managing a bank account, and wondering about the next steps in your financial journey. In Adulting 102, we will look at the differences between saving and investing, and if you are ready to invest, how to get started. Other topics will include protecting your assets (insurance), advanced budgeting, and understanding the role economics plays in our financial life.  Join Steve Kautz, Financial Education Programs Specialist from the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1-hour virtual workshop as you take the next steps into adulting.  


Getting a Jump-Start on Planning for Your Child’s Higher Education 

Tuesday, April 23, 6:00pm 

Is higher education in your family’s future?  Join a college savings specialist from the Finance Authority of Maine to talk about planning and saving for higher education. Come learn about the aspirational and financial impacts of savings for students of all ages, as well as the program highlights of Maine’s Section 529 plan, a tool many families use to prepare for higher education expenses. Also, take home some tips and tricks for getting a jump-start on the scholarship search while your child is in middle school/ early high school.  Join Marie Pelletier, College Savings Counselor from the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1 hour virtual session and get started with saving for your child or grandchild’s higher education. 


Planning and Paying for College 

May 15, 7:00pm 

Do you have children who will be looking at college in the next few years or might you be thinking of returning to school yourself? Now is a great time to start thinking about the college financial aid process and ways to boost college savings. The earlier you start, the more confident and relaxed you will feel when it is time to apply for financial aid. Join Jessica Whittier, College Access Counselor with the Finance Authority of Maine for this 1-hour workshop as we talk all things paying for college. 


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The ACCUPLACER is a series of assessments designed to evaluate a student’s skill in reading, writing and math. The scores are used by colleges to determine a student’s readiness and placement into credit-bearing college courses.

As an official ACCUPLACER testing site, we can help you prepare, administer the test, and submit scores to the college of your choice.

For more information, please call our Career and College Academic Coordinator at 207-647-3015 or email rhonda.jacobson@lakeregionschools.org for more information

These classes are a great opportunity to work on the academic skills that will help prepare you to successfully take the ACCUPLACER placement tests.

Individual and small group instruction, self-study, and on-site computer-based learning options.

Rolling admission


To enroll in any of these classes, please call our Career and College Academic Coordinator at 207-647-3015 or email rhonda.jacobson@lakeregionschools.org for more information.

Move Ahead with Adult Ed!

Two paths to your Diploma are available in Naples & Fryeburg! 

Interested students should call the Adult Education office at 207-647-3015 or email rhonda.jacobson@lakeregionschools.org

Tuition-Free College Courses


Maine adults seeking to pursue College have a new option to jumpstart their education, with the support from their local Maine College System (MCCS) and the Maine Department of Education (DOE)will offer tuition-free college courses to Maine’s adult education students

Maine adult education programs have supported adult students in their transition to college and career through the Maine College and Career Access program for almost twenty years. This new opportunity expands upon that idea by allowing adult education students to take a college course with the full support of their adult education program mentors so they can develop the habits, skills, and confidence to succeed in college.

Adult education programs will work with adult students to select a course at the community college that is appropriate for their college and career goals, and then support the student as they complete the course.  The goal is that they will continue their education once the course is completed.

 Contact us to discuss this program!

207-647-3015 or email rhonda.jacobson@lakeregionschools.org

We need you! 

We are looking for talented people to teach exciting classes!

Do you or someone you know  have a talent for cooking, crafting, music or art? We would love to talk with you about teaching for us and enriching the community!

Contact adulted@lakeregionschools.org for more information.

Do you know what class you would like to teach? Fill out the Course Proposal Form.

  • Sep
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    Autumn Watercolor Card Series

    with Kathleen Gerdes

    Enjoy learning the art of watercolor and the craft of card-making. You will learn to paint beautiful autumn scenes on your own set of cards. You will go home with 4-6 cards. This class is designed for beginners and those with some watercolor experience. All paint and card making supplies are included. 

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