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Smudging 101

with Donna Shaw


March 14th, 2023

$10 More Info

Smudging is the traditional act of burning one or more (a mix) of sacred herbs or plants to create a “cleansing smoke.” Typically associated with North American Indigenous tribes and their ceremonies, it is a ceremonial act for purifying and cleansing the soul and body of negative energy, thoughts, and attachments. Smudging is also used to remove negative energy to clear spaces and objects. In this class you will learn how to smudge, make your own smudge feather and smudge spray.

Lab Fee: $40 paid to the instructor at the start of the class.

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Watercolor for Beginners to Intermediate

with Donna Kantor


April 25th to May 16th, 2023

$56 More Info

If you’ve always wanted to learn watercolor painting in a relaxed, no critique environment, this is the perfect class! A place to learn some foundational skills and a variety of techniques, painting a simple landscape, birds and a floral.

Suggested materials list will be available at first class. But please bring whatever materials you have.

Lab Fee: $10 to be paid directly to the instructor on the first day of class.

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Introduction to Alcohol Inks

with Kim Crawford


May 25th, 2023

$18 More Info

Painting with alcohol inks is a magical process using isopropyl alcohol (yes, the same alcohol you already have in your medicine cabinet). Alcohol inks are a fluid medium that are hard to control and that is the best part. Once you have learned how to manipulate the inks and the right approach to this medium it can be extremely fun and addictive style of painting!  In this class you will explore this fluid medium and techniques. 

Students should bring their open mind and adventurous spirit! 

Lab fee: $10 for materials to be paid directly to instructor on the start of class 

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No-Sew Fabric Quilt Block

with Betsy Kate Paradis


March 23rd, 2023

$18 More Info

If you love fabric or jigsaw puzzles, you'll REALLY enjoy this class! Putting a faster and easier spin on traditional English Paper Piecing, this no-sew quilt block class allows you to create stunning fabric art suitable for framing. (If you enjoy hand-sewing, you can do that, too.) All materials provided; suitable for all skill levels.

Lab Fee: Between $15-20, depending on if you bring own fabric. $20 fee covers fabric, paper pieces, artist board, and frame. Students have additional option to purchase Sew-line glue pen and paper pieces to take home.

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Hatha Yoga

with Joan Grady


April 4th to May 30th, 2023

$56 More Info

Everyone can do some yoga, and, with very little instruction, you can begin to practice your focus on breath and holding postures. Yoga improves your posture, tightens and tones your body, increases circulation, strengthens the back muscles and helps with anxiety. Students should bring a yoga mat and a towel or light blanket. Where loose clothing suitable for exercise. This class is for the beginner to experienced yoga student.

Location:  Crooked River School

8-week session (no class on April 18, 2023)

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Intro To Parapsychology 1

with Walt Selens


March 9th to April 13th, 2023

$150 More Info

This is a 6-week course covering the very large field of Parapsychology. We’ll discuss Dreams, ESP, Cryptids, and,of course, Is Your House Haunted?

Lab Fee:  $8 due to the instuctor the first night of class to cover printed/bound materials.

Walt studied Parapsychology in college in the 1980s. He then started Parasykes-Parapsychological Investigations in 1988. He took a few years off, and returned to teach that it is nothing like what you see on tv and in the movies.